Our story

At Lara B., we handcraft distinctive, lightweight and durable leather handbags and accessories using a combination of texture, shape and color. High-quality genuine leathers are hand selected domestically and around the world, some sparkly and some shiny, creating a collection with clean lines and classic practicality.

Each design becomes a perfect go-to handbag in our Newton, MA Boutique Studio; first as an idea, then a sketch to be worked in muslin. Once finalized, each piece is hand cut in leather and sewn. Finishing touches are added and a stylish, timeless piece in gorgeous leather is complete. The ‘go anywhere’ flexibility of elegance transforms your little black dress or your favorite jeans into a fashion statement!

British Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, House of Coco and Fashion London have recognized Lara B. Designs.

The Lara B. Designs name
During an evening of brainstorming on paper napkins with a dear friend, the name Lara B. Designs was born! Many ask what the B. represents. The B. is for my Dear Westie, Basil. He was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle soul who cared only about food, his Bear and being by my side day and night, while I designed and developed the business. The butterfly was added to the logo in 2014 as a sign of his continued flight...

I love designing something that is adored and cherished, something you love!
Smile. Hug. Love.

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